Have you ever heard of Gundam?What about the GUNPLA(Gundam Plastic Model)?
Let's make it appear!
Here come the BANDAI GUNPLA!
[GUNPLA]Since BANDAI started its selling in July 1980,its sales has reached 884 million units in 38 years,making it the most popular product series in the history of the plastic models.
现在!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)要开业啦!在中国上海!中国上海!中国上海!是的,你没看错!万代8月25日份要在上海建立中国内地首个高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)啦!
Now,GUNDAM BASE is going to open in Shanghai,China!Yes,you got it!BANDAI is going to open its first GUNDAM BASE in Shanghai on August 25 this year!
什么?你不知道什么是高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)?
What?You don't know what is a GUNDAM BASE?
Then let me introduce it to you!
所谓高达基地(GUNDAM BASE),就是以高达模型为基础,让您全方位多角度的感受高达模型无限魅力的官方高达模型旗舰店。这样的基地,在全球范围内有12间,分别坐落于日本、中国台湾地区、韩国、以及我们中国上海!我们希望上海的高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)也能成为中国内地高达迷的一个圣地。
The so-called GUNDAM BASE is the official flagship store of the GUNPLA,where you can feel its infinite charm from all angles.There are 12 such bases in the world,located in Japan,Taiwan,South Korea,and Shanghai!We hope that the GUNDAM BASE in Shanghai will also become a holy place for its fans in mainland China.号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网

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无论是高达迷、动漫迷,还是喜欢去日本旅游的小伙伴,一定都对日本台场的高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)有所耳闻吧!特别是喜爱高达模型的小伙伴,不想收几盒高达基地限定商品么?现在,如果你想买万代官方正版高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)特供的高达模型,不用去日本了,在上海也能买到!
Whether you are a Gundam fan or an anime fan,or someone who likes to travel to Japan,you must have heard about the GUNDAM BASE at Odaiba in Japan.If you like GUNPLA,don't you want to have a few boxes of limited items from GUNDAM BASE?Now,you don't have to go to Japan,you can buy them in Shanghai!
2018年8月25日,中国内地首个高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)!
The first GUNDAM BASE is going to open in Shanghai on August 25!
We are waiting for you!Our address is:5th Floor,Super Brand Mall,Lujiazui,Shanghai.

号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网

*For reference only
高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)上海店
多款日本原装高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)限定商品在店销售,中国内地范围,只有在这里才能买到哦。
Here we have a variety of limited items of original GUNDAM BASE products,which can only be bought here in mainland China.
小编先透漏一款给大家解解馋——HG 1/144高达基地限定高达独角兽(绿色结晶体)。
Here is one of them-HG 1/144 Limited item of GUNDAM BASE Gundam Unicorn(green crystals).
It includes transparent parts,which is a symbolic feature of the limited item of BANDAI model.Those who love it,don't miss out!Different from the common colored versions,the transparent parts of the limited version can reveal the transparent texture of green crystals!In addition,the body itself also retains considerable mobility.It is a worth-buying product,whether for display or for play.
The crystal parts are transparent,revealing the special texture.

号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网 号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网 号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网

The base uses the starry sky to reproduce the animation scene.

号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网 号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网

The components of the crystal can be disassembled to show different shapes.

号外!号外!高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)将强势登陆上海!-C3动漫网

●Tentative price(the final retail price may be adjusted):210 RMB
●Applicable to:8 years old and above
Guys,are you ready to make a move?
我们约你在上海正大广场高达基地(GUNDAM BASE),见证各种高达以及高达模型的无限魅力。我们已经备好多款日本原装高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)限定商品在店销售,注意!中国内地也只有这里能买得到哦!同时这也将是内地首屈一指的高达模型展,有着各种类别的高达模型的展示,更不用说机动战士高达相关的作品、周边了。
We invite you to witness the infinite charm of various models of Gundam and GUNPLA at GUNDAM BASE in Super Brand Mall,Shanghai.Here we have a variety of limited item of original GUNDAM BASE products.They can only be bought here in mainland China.At the same time,it will also be the second-to-none GUNPLA exhibition in mainland China,with various types of Gundam models and related works and accessories.
让高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)上海店成为中国所有高达粉丝聚集地,圣地!我们邀请您一起亲眼见到,身临其境地体验到高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)所带来的魅力!不仅如此,为了让粉丝们能在店铺之外享受到各种高达世界的魅力,「GUNDAM.INFO」和「高达基地官方微信」也会不时的发送最新的高达相关的情报。
GUNDAM BASE in Shanghai will become a gathering place and holy place for all its fans in China!We invite you to witness and experience its charm here in Shanghai!Moreover,in order for the fans to enjoy all kinds of charms of Gundam world outside the store,we have created"GUNDAM.INFO"and"Gundam public account"in WeChat,offering you up-to-date information from time to time.
Now,it's time to make a move!Sit on the transmitter!
我们获得的指令是:8月25日前往上海正大广场,登陆圣地——高达基地(GUNDAM BAES)上海店!
Here is our order:On August 25,THE GUNDAM BASE SHANGHAI will open on Super Brand Mall in Shanghai on August 25 this year!